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A conversation with Jasmyn Elise Story

Restorotopias is another place that engages with restorative praxis. It finds anchorage in heterotopia, a concept used by Michel Foucault to describe certain cultural, institutional and discursive spaces that are somehow ‘other’: disturbing, intense, incompatible, contradictory or transforming. At the root of heterotopia lie héteros (other, another, different) and topos (place). In other words, while utopia is a place where everything is good, and dystopia is a place where everything is bad, heterotopia is where things are different.

31 Women Making History by Creating a Better Future

As we ease into Women’s History Month, we want to recognize some of the women making history right now. Every day in March, we’ll be adding one new profile to the list-highlighting a total of 31 women who each saw a problem and decided to do something about it.

Meet Jasmyn Story

Meet NYC Passerby, Jasmyn Story, an activist who works in restorative justice to create mediation among communities as an alternative form of response to crime.

Campus sexual assault: Should restorative justice be an option?

The approach – which includes facilitated discussions – shows potential for bringing closure to survivors and stopping repeat offenses. But critics say it’s not appropriate for such a violent crime. – This story was updated on Oct. 16.

Everything wrong with Angela Lansbury’s claim that women are to blame for sexual assault

Angela Lansbury just joined the harrowing crew of fools who believe that women are to blame for sexual harassment and assault. Speaking today (Nov. 28) in an interview with Radio Times, the onetime star of Murder She Wrote and recently the voice of Mrs.

Doc Studies-Skidmore on Twitter

After Incarceration organized with Prof Karp. Jasmyn Story ’15 gets real on impact of incarceration on 200 years of her family.

Mr. Tezanos on Twitter

👍🏻 to reconnect with my Restorative Justice peeps. Skidmore prof, Dr. David Karp & guest Jasmyn Story led 1st mtg in 17-18. #HFTigerPride

“Restorative Birmingham: Classroom for the World ” by Jasmyn Elise Story – Woodfin For Mayor

Birmingham native, Jasmyn Elise Story is an International Restorative Justice Facilitator and Founder of The People’s Coalition. She is an alumna of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, and a dedicated human rights activist. #WithWoodfin is a series of perspectives from daughters and sons of Birmingham.

Pittsburg: Black Diamond High honored for helping get kids on track

PITTSBURG – Juan Naranjo was falling behind when it came to earning credits needed to graduate when he was given the choice to catch up by enrolling at Black Diamond High School.